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Leave it to the professionals and avoid the risk of fires by keeping your commercial kitchen hood clean to fire code standards.

No matter your commercial kitchen need, we have the real-world know-how and experience to help you keep it

Proudly serving the Houston Metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Get a Professional Hood Cleaning in Houston EVERYTIME

Cleaning and maintaining your kitchen exhaust system should be completed by a trained professional.

All of our professional cleaners have extensive training and experience in the industry. In addition, our work adheres to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.

We work hard to ensure that your business operations are in full compliance with local laws and safety standards. Whether you need a complete exhaust hood system cleaning, kitchen maintenance, or a general assessment, we have the tools and experience necessary to perform jobs of all types and all sizes.

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We love what we do, we love doing professional hood cleaning in Houston

Stay in compliance and focused on food service.

It doesn’t take a lot to start a potentially devastating commercial kitchen grease fire. Considering the large quantity of food the average restaurant cooks, the accumulation of grease on kitchen appliance hoods and in exhaust systems can lead to disaster…

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