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Since 1996

Environmental Exhaust Service, Inc. (EES) is a leader in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry dedicated to the “bare-metal-clean” standard.

Since all exhaust systems are not created equally, we clean every particular system according to its unique necessities. We also take the time to do a full inspection of your exhaust system to ensure our customers are aware of any potential problems that your system may encounter by making written recommended of any needed service(s) around your kitchen exhaust system.

We are not only a cleaning company but also a trusted partner in making sure your business stays
operating. One of the ways we do this is through a strict quality control to ensure a thorough cleaning of your exhaust system.

our method

We use a non-steam method of cleaning an exhaust system, which involves using a strong degreaser sprayed on the exhaust system walls followed by scraping off the grease with special tools made for the job. This is a more effective method of achieving a total cleaning system, which is the standard required by the fire department.

Our mission

To be a company based on integrity and a commitment to a superior quality standard that sets an example for the industry.

Core values



Being truthful and transparent in all our business transactions.



If you need something or if you do not need it, we will let you know.



It would be great if nothing ever went wrong but if it does, we will always be there to make it right.

more about us

Social Responsibility

We contribute to our community by sponsoring social betterment groups in our area.

Here are some of the organizations that we support:


Criminon is a 501(c) Not-for-profit organization determined to ending crime by rehabilitating criminals through a non-religious approach focused on rehabilitating the self-respect lost by all criminals – Click here to find out more.


Narconon (a sister non-profit organization to Criminon) specifically addresses the rehabilitation of drug addicts through an amazing detoxification program that is second to none. – Click here to find out more.

The Way To Happiness Foundation

The Way To Happiness Foundation is dedicated to restoring morals to an immoral world by providing the only none-religious code based on common sense. – Click here to find out more.

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