What is Ductwork Cleaning in Houston?

We take very serious all the individual areas of cleaning that are necessary to help you maintain the hygiene and safety standards of your commercial kitchen. One of these absolutely vital categories is ductwork cleaning. Even a fairly well maintained commercial kitchen gathers grease and grime over time particularly your ductwork. As well as being unsanitary this can be very dangerous as it poses a high risk of a fire.

Ductwork Cleaning

Key Points

Ductworks are an area that gets neglected more than any other part of your exhaust system. Since is not visible, many cleaning companies in the industry don’t even get there.

Our crews are not only well trained and highly skilled in the field of ductwork cleaning but our method of cleaning includes opening the top fan and cleaning from top to bottom and everything in between.

This is needed especially in locations that have a hard access to these; from high-rises to malls our clients can testify of our detailed and scrupulous work.

"I like the service! That is why I decided to do my other stores with you."
Rosy, General Manager
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